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Far Infrared Heating Pad Reviews - Ancient Chinese Secret Drives Healing PowerBone Deep...

The ancient Chinese revered the Jade stone. To them, it represented health, wealth and longevity...

Jade was also believed to improve the lungs, heart, kidneys, strengthen immunity and help the body more easily remove toxins.

Jade Stones For Health, Wealth and Longevity

What Are The Infrared Heating Pad Benefits

Imagine having:

  • infrared heat for back pain... 
  • carpal tunnel syndrome... 
  • hemorrhoids... 
  • hypertension... 
  • shoulder problems... 
  • sciatica... 
  • osteoarthritis... 
  • tension 
  • and stress miraculously vanishing!

For you it can be a reality! And Jade plays a huge part.

Why Use Jade?

Here's why: Jade is one of the best natural conductors of Far Infrared Heat (FIR). And when you pass FIR waves through Jade stone, it conducts the heat evenly through your body promoting increased blood flow and healing warmth literally to your very bones.

Is The Far Infrared Heat Pad Safe?

Now, you must understand that Far Infrared Heat is completely, 100% safe.

In fact, it is the safest form of light energy that heats objects by direct light conversion - that means it warms the object and not the surrounding air.

FIR heat is so safe, neonatal care units use it to keep newborn babies and infants warm.

Now you can get all the healing benefits of this secret of the Orient in a powerful and portable package called the "Far Infrared Heating Pad".

Listen, the Far Infrared Heating pad isn't some cheap warming pad that only heats up your skin and nothing more...


The Best Heat Pad - Jade Stones Miracle

This modern miracle uses the power of the Jade stone to drive FIR heat deep into your muscles and organs, promote blood flow, and send healing power to your very bones. 

Here's how this works: Every Far Infrared Heating Pad has row upon row of polished Jade stones sewn to it.

And when the Jade is heated, it safely and naturally transports the far infrared waves deep into your body to warm, soothe, cleanse and relieve your pain.

You'll even see "before and after" thermal imaging pictures that prove how quickly the Far Infrared Heating Pad drives its healing power deep into your muscles and organs when you CLICK HERE.

Studies show that through the use of the Jade these far infrared waves are able to penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments...

This deep healing heat causes blood vessels to dilate which improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and accelerates circulation!

I'm pleased to let you in on how you can get your own portable Far Infrared Heating Pad and start enjoying the deep healing warmth that only this pad - using the power of Jade - can deliver.

You see, my friend Jesse Cannone at the Healthy Back Institute is helping me make this modern miracle available to you my subscribers.

And you can discover how to get your Far Infrared Heating Pad when you CLICK HERE.

To A Pain-Free Life,


P.S. Every Far Infrared Heating Pad comes with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked...

You must agree that this is the best heating pad you've ever tried AND experience the quick and easy healing deep in your muscles and organs or you can return it for a full and prompt refund...

You have nothing to lose but your pain! So isn't it time for you to experience the deep healing power of the Far Infrared Heating Pad today? CLICK HERE.

Monday, 24 September 2012

JOINT PAIN? You need to read this...

Besides another season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" there's one other thing we wouldn't mind seeing go away...


Like many of you, I suffer from joint pain on various parts of my body (my lower back, ankle and right knee).  Age and 'wear & tear' have eroded my body to the point where pain relief is a constant consideration in my daily life.

Not debilitating, but certainly something I have to manage.

Well recently there was a discovery of a little-known "powerhouse" compound that's backed up by some impressive studies and undeniable proof.

In fact... in a study conducted by the University of Connecticut, they found that it delivered long-lasting relief to 100% of participants in the study.

That means EVERY SINGLE PERSON found the relief they were searching for.

How is that possible?

Well, the compound is called Cetyl Myristoleate and when applied to the body, it has the unique ability to:

  *  Apply continuous lubrication to the joints

  *  Cushions the joints from everyday wear-n-tear

  *  Actually repairs damaged cell membranes by increasing cell membrane fluidity and elasticity!

In layman's terms, it gives you fast, immediate relief by cushioning and lubricating your joints... and long-term relief by repairing the damage that is causing your pain.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find and by itself can cost a king's ransom.

Thankfully, Jesse Cannone... founder of The Healthy Back Institute (and legend in the back-pain industry) has developed a proprietary formula that combines Cetyl Myristoleate with other natural pain-relieving compounds.

It's super easy to use and Jesse just put it on sale for this week at 38% off at their website:
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This is stuff I USE!  It works waaaaaay better than temporary pain relievers like "icy hot" and dangerous NSAIDs.

Rub-On-Relief is a short- AND long-term pain reliever.

I highly recommend you take advantage of this week's sale to try it out yourself.

You can see all of the details on why this formula works so well at:

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Enjoy being pain free and...

Look great...feel great...BE GREAT! ;-)


P.S. - If you're still skeptical, you can try Rub-On-Relief for 30 days and if it's not everything I said it is, you can even return it for a full refund.

In other words, there's nothing to lose but the pain. :-)

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cream For Back Pain - Hot Tips To Find The Best Pain Cream


If you suffer from backache, getting yourself some cream for back pain will help you overcome the pain you are experiencing. While you will hear about many methods that you can use to eliminate this problem, using pain rub cream is still the most popular, safest and effective way to treat backaches.
Before you rush off to purchase any pain cream at the store, here are a few tips to ensure you pick the best cream for back pain that not only work for you, but also is safe for you to use.
Natural Ingredients
Always check for the ingredients of the cream you will be using. Depending on how serious your pain is, most people will need to apply the cream for back pain for a number of days, weeks or months. You will want to reduce your chances of side effects from harmful toxins that can be bad for your skin and your health. The last thing you want will be the need to treat a new problem after eliminating your backache. With a little effort, you will be able to find very effective pain creams which not only will get rid of your pain but is also made from natural homeopathic ingredients.
How Does Your Skin Feel After Applying The Cream
The next thing you should find out is how the cream feels after you apply it on your skin. Many cream for back pain are known to produce a hot, icy stinging feeling. Not only will your back feel more uncomfortable, you will not be able to sit or sleep properly for hours. This is a reason people never get rid of their backaches - They give up simply because they experience even more pain! A good pain cream should feel cooling and comfortable upon each application.
Did The Cream For Back Pain Worked For Others?
Backache is a common problem for a large number of people around the world. Each day, many people suffer from it just like you and being in pain is no fun. There is no need for you to try a new product which has no proof in treating backaches successfully. In fact, it is highly recommended you avoid these products since you are most likely going to get unfavourable results.
Instead, you should purchase yourself some cream for back pain that is known to work for others and you will be on your way to a pain-free life in no time.
Are you looking for cream for back pain that is natural, easy to use and eliminates your pain fast? Simply visit: for more information on whether it can help you.

Rub On Pain Relief Cream Or Medication - 3 Tips To Find The Best Back Pain Product


The best way to cure back pain is to use rub on pain relief cream or medication. If you suffer from any sort of pain, it makes it hard for you to get on with your daily activities. It wouldn't help at all for those who have to spend eight hours at the work desk. Your concentration level will be affected greatly and your efficiency at work will reduce. Therefore, it is essential you discover the best back pain product which can help you to get rid of the problem.
Before getting treatment for your backache, here are important reasons why pain rubs are more popular among backache sufferers when compared to taking medication.
External Use
Pain rubs are easy to use. It does not involve the need for you to swallow medication which has side effects on various parts of your body. The ingredients in the pain rub bypasses your digestive system and vital organs which means it works on eliminating the pain you are experiencing without additional burden on your body.
Natural Ingredients
While there is a list of side effects that go with back pain medications, rub on pain relief cream made from chemicals can also release dangerous toxins into the body. These toxins can cause a wide range of illness, from hormonal imbalance to other serious chronic illness like kidney failure, paralysis, cancer and more. It is essential you always check the ingredients of the back pain product and that it is made from natural ingredients which are safe for your body.
Think Long Term
Some back pain can take time before it goes away. This is especially true for those who cannot fully rest their back because of work and other routines in life. However, do not give up getting rid of your back pain because of these constraints. With a bit of research, you can get yourself some rub on pain relief cream made from natural ingredients that is proven to work. Applying natural pain rub on your back while you get on with your daily activities can provide a soothing effect without the need to worry about the possible side effects it can produce from its long-term use.
You will be surprised to find yourself pain-free over a period of time just like other back pain sufferers around the world who have successfully eliminated their back pain forever using a well-known rub on pain relief cream.
Would you like to live a pain-free life using a well-known rub on pain relief that is proven to work fast and effectively, without any side effects? Visit for more information.

Treatment Of Backache - How To Fix Back Pain Naturally


Nowadays, treatment of backache has become widely sought after. In the United States, backache is the most common neurological complaint after chronic headache. A study provided strong evidence this was also the main reason many people visited their doctor and missed work.
Some back aches last for a few days while others can last for months. Depending on how serious your problem is, your backache can go away with simple exercises, medication or in the worst case scenario, a surgical procedure.
We will focus on how to fix back pain naturally with the following methods.
Incorporating food into your daily diet helps to reduce your back pain. Consuming Vitamin C on a daily basis helps to strengthen your muscles and this can help to avoid further back aches.
Before having breakfast in the morning, make yourself a cup of warm honey drink. It is said that adding salt to lemon juice taken two times a day for a period of one month can also relief aching back muscles.
Attending yoga classes is a popular treatment for backache. Yoga is known to be an effective way to loosen your tight back muscles while toning them. Over time, you will find your backache go away. 
It is important you keep an eye on your weight. Your body carries your weight around your back and being overweight can add pressure to it causing you problems.
Home Remedies
Slice a raw potato and place it on your aching back helps with pain relief. Or try wrapping a piece of hot towel around your back to relief your tight muscles. Another ancient remedy which works well for the treatment of backache is applying garlic oil to your back. Simply fry some garlic in oil until it is brown.
This is a remedy known to work well for back aches. Find yourself a certified therapist and you will find that over some time, your back pain will be reduced.
If you are serious about how to fix back pain naturally, cultivating good sleeping habits is essential. Make sure the posture of your body while sleeping is correct and the mattress you sleep on is flat and supportive of your back. A bumpy mattress can only make your back problem worse.
These are popular natural remedies known to work well for back pain sufferers. Apply these treatment of backache consistently and no doubt you will find your backache reduce but it will take some time before it all goes away.
Natural Remedies Proven To Work Fast
Thankfully, research at a Health Institute has proven that homeopathic ingredients like Belladonna, Ignatia, MSM, Naja, Lachesis Mutus and other natural herbs can work to eliminate back pain quickly with zero side effects. This is an important breakthrough since they found that when all these ingredients are combined in the form of a cream, it has the ability to stop the root of the back pain quickly so not only are the users relieved of their pain, it never comes back. Because of its effectiveness, it has become one of the most sought after natural treatment of backache.
Would you like treatment of backache using natural pain rub? Discover how to fix back pain fast and effectively using one of the most popular cream with zero side effects. Visit for more information.

Back Pain Relief Exercises - How Effective Are These Exercises And Would It Help You?


When people get out of bed, sit for long hours or drive long journeys, the first thing they do once they step out, is to start back pain relief exercises. Although it sounds a little incredulous, bending over, twisting at the hip are all exercises that overcome back pain which we would do without a second thought.

The first involuntary command the body sends out when it senses pain in the back is to stretch. Almost everyone, from those who have a healthy back to ones who suffer from back pain, can gain from stretching and exercising the soft tissues in muscles and ligaments around the spine in varying degrees.
For stretching and exercises to show results, it may take a longer duration for people with ongoing back pain. Furthermore, to achieve this, one has to follow some guidelines with dedication and a certain degree of regularity:
• The clothes worn should be non-binding and comfortable. 
• Perform the stretches slowly and avoid jerks, as it may lead to muscle tear. 
• Perform stretches on a clean, flat surface with enough space to move around in. 
• Hold stretches for around 20-30 seconds and repeat for 5-10 times.

There are some exercises which basically are advanced versions of simple stretches. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the back muscles rather than simply relieving them of pain. The most common ones are:
1. Back flexion: While lying on the back, pull the knees towards the chest and simultaneously bring the head forward forming a ball. Remember to keep the breathing even.
2. Knees to chest: While lying on the back and knees bent with both heels on the floor, put both the hands under one knee and bring up to your chest. Do alternatively with both knees.
Effectiveness Of Exercises On Back Pain
Although these back pain relief exercises are effective, they tend to have a lot of problems along with them. These are only effective as long as one performs them correctly, regularly and with a certain sense of devotion. If an exercise is performed wrongly, it may lead to more pain than curing it.
Also, considering the busy and hectic schedule of modern families, time is a rare luxury, and these back pain relief exercises, although provide relief in the long run, are time-consuming and rarely provide immediate relief.
A Popular & Effective Alternative
No doubt stretching and exercising are better options than going for pain-relief products that contain harmful ingredients and provide only short-term relief. And undoubtedly these are the better options for young people who can perform them. But what about elderly people?
What if there is a product out there that: 
• Provides long-term relief 
• Is free from side-effects 
• Is easily available 
• Does not contain harmful ingredients but instead contains proven natural ingredients like Rhus Tox, Naja, Ignatia, etc.

Wouldn't that be a great alternative to hours of hard work spent in stretching and exercising for the old and the young alike?
To answer the inevitable question, as to whether a product like this really exists, an Institute has been working to find a solution like this. And they have found the answer in a revolutionary ointment containing all the mentioned natural ingredients as mentioned above and Cetyl Myristoleate, which is scientifically proven to cure pain without side-effects. And so comes an easy and cheap alternative to back pain relief exercises, relieving us of our misery and toil!
If your daily routine does not allow you to perform regular back pain relief exercises as needed to stop back pain, applying natural herbal cream on your back made from homeopathic ingredients is proven to work as the best alternative to stop back pain quickly and safely. Click here for more information:

Back Pain Product - 5 Tips To Help You Choose A Product To Stop Your Pain Quickly


On average, it is said that a whopping 80% of people at some point or other suffer from back pain, resulting in loss of work of 40 million days. These people are left searching for a back pain product that can stop their pain quickly. But as it is with the media and other channels of information, people are tempted into choosing the wrong thing because of the cheesy advertisements and the whole propaganda launched by companies to sell and not actually cure.

The aim of this article is to share the message that experiencing pain in the back is a mere bump in the walks of life and that there are actually ways that can cure this pain.

Back Pain Relief Products
Although the major reasons for back pain can vary, for instance, poor postural habits, micro-trauma or injury, the first thing people tend to get their hands on is a back pain product that provides them with immediate relief.

It is however, imperative to always have a medical opinion in this matter as pain in the back is also sometimes a warning sign for a more serious ailment. For example, continuous pain accompanied by a tingling sensation in the nerves can be a symptom of spinal stenosis.
5 Tips To Choose A Product That Works
Considering the fact that most back problems are in itself the only ailment, the first cure and in most cases the only cure, is a pain-relief ointment. In order to choose a back pain product that works, there are several things that need to be considered:
1. Long term relief: The first thing to check is what type of ointment it is. If with continued use, the product cures your pain permanently, then it can be termed as a good product.
2. Contents: One of the most important tips to keep in mind is the ingredients or contents of the product. If the product contains any of the following:
- Mineral oil, paraffin or petrolatum
- Acryl amide
- Parabens
- Toluene
You must stay clear from it. These chemicals have been proven to cause kidney failure, cardiac arrests and even cancer.
Instead look for a product that has uses the medicines bestowed by nature, like:
- Belladonna
- Ignatia
- Rhus Tox
- Phosphorous
These are powerful remedies that have been used by people since time immemorial for treating pain.
3. Side effects: The major problems with most products are the side effects like bad odor, stickiness, etc. Choosing a product without these would be the wisest choice.
4. Age of the product: Medical science is always striving to overcome its flaws and come up with more efficient drugs to overcome ailments. Check for any new research and development technologies that might have gone into producing the product. For example, a chemical called 'Cetyl Myristoleate' has been proven to cure pain in the back without any side effects. Check if your product contains that.
5. Price: The last but certainly not the least factor to consider is the price. For a product which adheres to all the above mentioned specifications, but is extremely overpriced, would again be no good. However, if it were available at an affordable price, say around 10 cents, then it would be the ultimate back pain product.
Research has proven that a back pain product that meets the above requirements has the ability to stop your back pain quickly, effectively and without any side effects. For more information on how you can stop back pain today using the best back pain product, visit: